Southeast Asia offers great Christmas choices, says online guru Eli Orzessek.
I'm thinking about going somewhere in Southeast Asia in December - I haven't entirely decided where, but I guess it's all dependent on weather. I've done some research but keep reading different things. Where would be the best place to visit at this time of year?

Jane Jurgens

I've asked my contacts for some help and Marlene Louw of Adventure World has provided some tips to help you decide on your next destination.

"Generally speaking November through to January are the cooler months for this region - low 20C temperatures and suitable for travel in most of Southeast Asia. Rainfall can vary depending on where you are but overall these are the drier months.

"Vietnam has cooler temperatures but is dry, Cambodia is warmer and is also dry. The further south you go the warmer it gets - Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia or even Sri Lanka are recommended if you're after a warm holiday.

"December is high season and can be very busy, so it's worth booking a pre-arranged holiday."


Having visited Vietnam during the warmer, more humid time of year (borderline rainy season), the thought of visiting that country during a cooler, drier time sounds quite appealing. During my visit, walking around for an hour would leave me drenched in sweat - quick-dry clothing is definitely essential at that time of year. If I were to return, I'd be keen to check out the sights again without all the humidity. But it all depends on what kind of weather you're more comfortable with.

Readers respond

Last week, I answered a question about shopping in Singapore - Bruce and Gloria have come through with a few more tips for a stopover.

"We have recently returned from a three-day stopover at Singapore, staying at the Elizabeth Hotel in Mt Elizabeth, followed by a P&O cruise to Cairns, Australia.

We had a tour of the city that ended at the Orchid Gardens and was very good value. It included a city tour of Orchard Rd, the business area, the Raffles Hotel and foreshore and later took us to several Chinese and Buddhist temples and the local markets for food and souvenirs.

With pick-ups and drop-off stops it takes about five hours and is very good value.

As oldies, we did enjoy the Orchid Gardens more than the shopping markets - we found the markets to be a bit congested and tiring for us older folks."

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