YouTube star Devin Supertramp's exhilarating stunt videos will inspire you to take on the world.

High octane, exhilarating, adventurous, wild — all great words that pretty accurately describe Devin Supertramp's stunt videos.

Whether it's a natural waterslide, the world's largest rope swing or an urban zip line high above Panama City, if there's one thing Team Supertramp knows, it's how to travel with absolutely no regrets.

This October, for the second year in a row, adventure aficionado Devin (Supertramp) Graham partnered with youth travel expert Contiki to demonstrate what travelling with no regrets is all about — by creating an epic Barcelonian stunt video starring BMX star Tim Knoll.

You can check out the full Contiki x Supertramp video above, along with a few more of Devin's videos that will have you on the end of your seat.


1. World's Largest Rope Swing

Team Supertramp didn't need to travel far from their native Salt Lake City to film this epic rope swing stunt in Moab, Utah. By fixing a harness around a huge rock with a hole through the centre and hurling themselves off the top and round to the other side, the Supertramp team was able to create the world's largest rope swing, and the video speaks for itself.

2. Assassins Creed Parkour in Paris

With over 42 million views on YouTube, this is one of the team's most successful videos ever. Descending on Paris last autumn, and spending its time recreating the famous video game in live action — no Team Supertramp top five would be complete without this video.

3. World's Most Epic Natural Waterslide

One of those videos that makes you want to jump through the screen and join in the fun. Team Supertramp visited the beautiful Rere Falls rock slides near Gisborne.

4. Cliff Jumping in Italy: Creating a Contiki Legend

Last summer, Contiki sent Team Supertramp to Italy's amazing Amalfi coast for a rip-roaring cliff-diving adventure, challenging it with creating an epic Contiki Legend. The team delivered — and the cliff diving video shows off some of the fantastic diving spots dotted around the Amalfi.

5. World's Largest Urban Zip line

Get ready to feel your stomach flip as you watch this amazing zip lining stunt filmed high above Panama City. Team Supertramp tackles jump after jump from the top of a skyscraper, holding onto a zip line that's strung between the top of one of the buildings and the end of a dock.