Jim Gip recently took a holiday to Las Vegas all by himself. His wife responded by making him a tongue-in-cheek lanyard to wear in case he found himself struggling without her.

A picture of a lost and found necklace that a wife made for her husband on his first holiday alone has gone viral.

Kim Gip, who has been married to Jim Gip for 23 years, made a lanyard with a special message inside it for a trip to Las Vegas.

The tongue-in-cheek letter instructs anyone reading it to either call her, or to order her husband some Asian food, if he is caught looking lost while at a restaurant.

The couple's son Brandon posted a photo of the necklace on his Twitter account this weekend.


He said: "My mom made this for my dad because he's going to Vegas this weekend without her."

The image has since been retweeted more than 35,000 times.

The message reads: "My name is Jim, if I look lost, please call my wife Kim Gip on *****."

It continues: "If I am in a restaurant just staring at the menu, please order me some sort of Asian food, especially white rice.

"I've never been away from my wife, who does everything for me."

Jim Gip saw the funny side of his wife's joke and a friend later posted a picture of him to social media in a Vegas restaurant while wearing the necklace.