The days of business travellers lugging weighty laptops in shoulder-straining carry-bags are not quite behind us, but they're knocking on the door.

Samsung's svelte little tablet - the Galaxy Tab S2, to give it its full, somewhat clunky name - is a fabulous travel companion for the "business-light" traveller.

It no doubt has the computing power to navigate a spaceship to Mars, but realistically when you're travelling you mainly want something that will ace your email requirements and connect you to any relevant systems back in the office. It does all that in spades, and with a pretty lengthy battery life.

On my last work trip, I still trucked the laptop along for the heavy-lifting jobs - mainly accessing the page-design system that brings you, dear reader, Travel each week. But with tablets now packing serious computing heft, the days of taking the laptop - all several kilograms of it - on trips are surely behind us now. If I still carry the blasted things with me these days (and I'll raise my hand and admit that I'm writing this review on the old dear on a trip right now), it's because of perverse ingrained habit. That and the fact that the solid keyboard on a laptop feels more "worky".


Of course the Tab S2 is not alone; it sits alongside the iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro in a busy tablet market.

Tab S2 - like its rivals from other hardware manufacturers - can do all the computery stuff. And it has a nifty keyboard of its own, substantial compared with its rivals, but still a clear step down from my knockabout laptop.

Even if you're travelling with a tablet for work, you want the thing to take good photos and display the photos and any video on a sharp screen. With so many of us feeling dutybound to share the highlights of our trips on social media - whether we're away with the kids or on a strictly business jaunt - the picture quality is key. Samsung has matched or surpassed Apple for picture quality in recent iterations and the shots on this tablet are ludicrously clear.

All in, it's an excellent tool for a busy traveller. A worthy addition to your carry-on luggage.