A restless Indonesian volcano on the island of Lombok has again spewed clouds of ash into the air - causing Virgin and Jetstar to cancel flights to and from Bali.
Tigerair has also reviewed some flights.

Bali airport, however, remains open.

So far, flights confirmed cancelled include:

Virgin VA 046 from Denpasar to Brisbane
Virgin VA 070 from Denpasar to Sydney
Jetstar JQ 37 from Sydney to Bali
Jetstar JQ 116 from Perth to Bali
Jetstar JQ 57 from Brisbane to Bali
Jetstar JQ 127 from Adelaide to Bali
Tigerair TT19 from Perth to Bali
Tigerair TT2 Bali to Melbourne


All passengers seeking to fly to and from Bali are advised to check with their airlines as to the status of their flights.

Tigerair has issued a statement saying that "conditions are not suitable for operations into and out of Denpasar Airport today due to volcanic activity from Mt Rinjani".

Perth Airport says it is monitoring the ash cloud with the help of the Bureau of Meteorology's Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre.

Travellers have been left stranded because the ash cloud - produced by eruptions by volcanos including Mt Rinjani - can interfere with jet engine turbine blades and choke intakes.

"Decisions about flights are made by individual airlines and operators. Safety is and always will be the highest priority," a statement reads.

The volcano has erupted several times recently, including November last year and last month.

The eruptions have caused confusion and delays for travellers - often extending for weeks at a time.