What inspired you to move to Portland?

The beer! At the time I moved to Portland there were 35 breweries in the city. Now, a little over 5 years later we have 72. Also, Portland's proximity to the incredible variety of natural wonders that make up Oregon. I love flyfishing, backpacking, snowboarding, hiking and surfing. I can enjoy all of these within 1.5 hours of downtown.

What do you think of the TV series Portlandia and would your brewery Hopworks ever put a bird on a beer bottle?

I think Portlandia is hilarious. While it is certainly a snapshot of the incredibly quirky things that happen here in Portland, I think the show is relatable because no matter where you live, you will see similar idiosyncrasies that make you love where you live. Hopworks may or may not have a label in the works with a bird on it somewhere.


Describe the craft beer scene in Portland?

The craft beer scene in Portland is the best in the world. Because the brewing community here is so talented and creative, the beer being made in this city is unique, innovative and well executed. The thirsty population welcomes this with open arms and empty glasses. It is very special.

What do the locals drink?

IPAs. Lots of IPAs. Here at Hopworks we currently have six on tap. Anything that celebrates the local hop growing regions is popular. Sour beers, traditional styles and unusual ingredients are vigorously grabbed from shelves as well.

What five brews would you recommend for a taste of Portland?

Hopworks - IPA, Breakside - Wanderlust, Cascade - Kreik, The Commons - Urban Farmhouse, and Occidental Kolsch make a representative, but by no means exhaustive flavour tour of Portland.

My favourite local bar is...

I have to choose only one? I love the Victory Bar and their bourbon gingers the most. A bar stool at Ava Gene's always does me right but Raven and Rose in the winter time makes me feel like I'm in a pub in London (but with local beer).

If I want food with my beer I go to...

Roscoes. Order a couple things off their Cajun themed menu (red beans and rice!) but also ask for the sushi menu from Miyamoto next door.

If you were visiting for a few weeks, where's the best part of town to stay?

Definitely move around a little bit. Stay for a week at the Jupiter Hotel and go see whatever show is playing next door at the Doug Fir every single night. Move across the river and stay at the Ace Hotel and walk as much as possible. Then stay at an AirBnB up in the Alberta Arts District. Try to stay over the weekend there.

If you're here for 24 hours you can't miss...
The Japanese Garden, Olympia Provisions, New Deal Distilling, Powells, and Hopworks!

But if you're here for longer you should also check out...
The Chinese Garden, Sauvie Island, some local music and the Portland Art Museum.

If you want to get back to nature try...

The miles and miles (kilometres too!) of trails in Forest Park. It is the largest urban forest in the United States and the oldest tree was sprouting around the time our country's earliest documents were being drafted up.

People who live in Portland are...

Fiercely creative.

New Zealanders will love Portland because...

It will feel like home, but with a bird on it.

• Trever Bass is Head Brewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery, one of Portland's more than 70 craft breweries.