Many passengers can admit to tuning out during the safety announcement on their flight, but this flight attendant's spiel captured the attention of the whole cabin - and now it's gone viral online.

A video has emerged on YouTube of passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight cracking up as flight attendant Zach Haumesser, who is also a professional puppeteer, delivers the instructions in a variety of Looney Tunes character voices.

Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny and Pepe Le Pew are among the characters Mr Haumesser pulls off with aplomb.

The announcement was reportedly made last week as the flight landed in Chicago.


Co-worker Jordy Elizabeth captured the New Yorker's impressive performance on camera, saying on Facebook: "This is just one of the million reasons why I LOVE my job".

Since it was posted on YouTube on Friday, the video has attracted more than 2.9 million views.

Mr Haumesser now joins a hall of fame of flight attendants who perform their important duties with comedic flair.

Last year, a crew member from Canadian airline WestJet was captured on film going through the usual safety routine with flamboyant antics.

Without uttering a word, the attendant silently gestured wildly while showing passengers the safety booklet, seatbelt, and flotation device walk through.

Passengers could be heard laughing as the attendant completed his routine, which ended with a well-deserved bow.

And in March this year, a Ryanair flight attendant won a legion of fans with his amusing safety demonstration, in which he adlibbed his own hilarious gestures.