The cost of flights, accommodation and food are what most people consider when they're budgeting for a trip.

What few people take into consideration is how much impact injury from an accident could have on the cost of their holiday.

But a new study has revealed some of the best and worst places in the world to get injured, including New Zealand and 10 popular backpacking destinations like the USA, Australia and India.

According to the infographic created by healthcare insurers Bought By Many, the USA is one of the most expensive places to have an accident.


The average cost of treatments is a staggering NZ$1902, which could blow your entire travel budget.

Perhaps surprisingly, India is the second most expensive destination out of the 10 countries that's included in the infographic.

There, the average cost of treatment is $NZ1538, or around nine times the average weekly spend for a backpacker travelling in the country.

The cheapest destination for treatments is in Sri Lanka, where the average cost is just NZ$313.

However, New Zealand, at just $3.60 more expensive than Sri Lanka, came out as the best value for money.

Here, $317 is just 0.3 times the average weekly spend.

However, New Zealand has very high levels of quality of care according to ratings from the World Health Organisation - making it the best value for money.

Australia, at $NZ430 for the average treatment, and Costa Rica, at NZ$657 for the average treatment, came out at positions two and three respectively.

Meanwhile, expensive India is at the bottom of the top 10 with a quality of care rating of 112 out of 180.