It's always so exciting when you hit "booked" on your ticket to your travel destination. I have been lucky enough to return to one of my favourite destinations: Hawaii. I know what you're thinking "oh-so touristy, can't be bothered with all that hoo-ha". Trust me, if you're looking for a holiday where you can choose from a range of nice hotels (or book a house on the North Shore), have your cake and eat it too in terms of shopping, and lounging by the pool with a cocktail and a book, then look no further.

I highly recommend finding (and it's not easy) The Pig and the Lady. This restaurant serves blow-your-mind Asian fusion cuisine. We had asked locals for the best place to eat and were told "the Financial District." We were walking, and — I think because the locals would usually drive there — they kept saying to us, "oh yeah, it's like 10 minutes that way". We walked and walked. After three hours of walking in the heat we finally reached the district. It was such a happy accident, as we met so many people along the way and saw parts of the culture you wouldn't see if you caught a cab. I think it made the food that much more wonderful.


Bangkok is a magical getaway and every time I've been there I had the best time. But once I was on the way to the Patpong markets (amazing markets for shopping but mixed in with "ping pong", if you know what I mean) with my sister and grandma, and the taxi driver who was taking us there started hitting on my grandma! We were in the back in hysterics but she didn't find it at all funny. Beware of the flirtatious taxi driver!

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