Tess Nichol checks into grand digs at one of Canada's most famous ski resorts.

Check-in experience:

The lobby of the Four Seasons in Whistler is incredibly grand, immediately making you, too, feel grand and not like the rat-girl imposter you actually are. Boasting some incredibly tasteful art by local artists, the hotel nails the whole "old money skiing" vibe.

Rooms: The Executive Suite faces the mountains and has its own private balcony, plus a separate living room and bedroom. The living room has a fireplace and there's an enormous closet.

The bed: Is glorious, soft, big and the turn-down service includes someone leaving an ornate ceramic jug full of water next to it.


Bathrooms: There were two. Two! The main bathroom was about as big as my room at home and offered two sinks, meaning I had three options of where to wash my hands during my two night stay. Two bathrooms also meant double the amount of tiny L'Occitaine toiletries.

Food: The Four Seasons is a wonderful place to indulge in room service - the private balcony with mountain backdrop is a great place to sip your morning coffee and the food is standard but well executed. Sidecut, the hotel's own "modern steak" restaurant and bar, is the star of the show though.

Warning: If you do take your breakfast outside, beware of cheeky crows who will swoop in and steal your banana bread.

Facilities: Include a full-size outdoor pool and spa pool as well as superior changing rooms with a eucalyptus steam room

Price: For $683 you can stay in the Executive Suite.

Nippers: Are allowed and the pool facilities cater well to entertaining them.

Would I return: I would sell my firstborn child to stay here again.