You're unlikely to find a bin like this in many other airports.

While liquids are most likely to cause a problem at airport security, staff at Aspen airport in Colorado have installed bins for travellers to unload their drugs.

The bins are emblazoned with a large cannabis leaf and the words "Pot Only", giving people the chance to surrender their stash without facing any consequences.

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The bin was spotted earlier this week by a traveller who posted a picture of it to online forum Reddit.

Recreational cannabis use is legal in the state of Colorado and adults over 21 can buy, possess or use the drug. The bins aim is to stop people illegally transporting the drug on passenger planes.

While reports said passengers were initially reluctant to use the bins, they have since become more popular.

Items left behind include marijuana-infused drinks, lollies and biscuits as well as pipes and other accessories.

NBC news reported that those caught trying to conceal cannabis before flying could face a US$2500 (NZ$3430) fine or jail time.