Paul Davies flies from Oahu to the island of Hawaii.

The plane:

Hawaiian has been flying this route since 1929 - it was actually the airline's first ever flight. Back then it was Sikorsky S-38 amphibian. Mine was a Boeing 717.

Class: In the cheap seats, but being a small aircraft there didn't appear to be much difference for an upgrade.

Price: About $100.


On time? To perfection.

My seat: 11A. There was a nice view of Hilo and its surrounding bush as we circled to land.

How full: Busy, but comfortable.

Entertainment: Hawaiian Airlines' magazine is all you need for a short flight. Great articles on Hawaii, its culture and history, not just glossy stories on hotels.

The service: Service with the aloha spirit - it's always good on Hawaiian.

Food and drink: Just a juice for me thanks, it's only a 36-minute flight.

The toilets: Weren't needed on this occasion.

Luggage: Friendly luggage-handlers and my suitcase went through as expected.

The airport experience: The airport was old and quiet, but the rental cars were close and the helicopters even closer. Kept me happy.

Would I fly this again? Hilo is a lovely, quaint town and if I'm ever lucky enough to return I'd only want to fly Hawaiian.