Donna McIntyre flies NZ937 to the Gold Coast.

The plane:

Airbus A320

Class: Economy (The Works)

Price: Economy starts from $241 (one way).


My seat: I started in seat 9D but was asked to move halfway through the flight by the steward, who said that the woman behind me had requested I be moved because the movie I was watching had "unsuitable content". I assume she was referring to the two women naked for about three seconds in the movie Carol, on Air New Zealand's playlist. Anyway, I was moved to window seat 3F with no one in the seat beside me, away from the boy who had been kicking my leg every 30 seconds while he played a video game. Win-win for everyone.

On time: Leaving, yes, approximately 6.20am and we arrived slightly ahead of schedule. I was feeling tired from a restless night knowing I had to wake at 4am to catch the Skybus. (Tip: After you land at Coolangatta head straight to the nearest beach for a refreshing swim.)

Fellow passengers: Mainly Kiwis heading, at a guess, to the GC for a bit of R'n'R in the lovely hotels and on those great beaches, or to stay with rellies or friends.

How full: Full, apart from the Full Works seats that ensure occupants don't have a neighbour.

Entertainment: Well, yes, I was watching Carol, deemed by the woman behind me apparently as an unsuitable movie. I guess the feature on David Bowie that was also on the Air NZ playlist could also be deemed unsuitable by some?

Food and drink: I had The Works, so got the breakfast but it wasn't too inspiring and I left half of it. Too early to drink at 6.20am for me, especially as I was picking up a Hertz rental car at the airport and working. So water mainly and a cup of tea.

Toilets: Standard Air New Zealand toilet, really. Clean, not smelly, not too long to wait.

Luggage: One piece. Allowed 23kg but I weighed in with 17kg. The intention was to check out the shopping on the GC and leave a bit of space for the loot.

The airport experience: Easy check in at kiosk and dropped off the suitcase. Quick through Customs, but the passport reader didn't work for my passport (did on the way back). Browsed duty-free and tried the moisturisers and perfumes, had a coffee and boarded.

Would I fly this again? Yes, I would, and actually that movie I was watching was rather slow and boring ... But I am still amused that someone in the seat behind me was watching my movie. Had she been watching the whole time? She must have had to stand up, surely? And there would be no sound? Certainly her son hadn't paid the slightest attention to my screen, he was far too engrossed in the game on his. But here's a thought, by getting me moved, the woman who complained got to sit beside her son. Was that her plan? If so, well played! And I was a happy chappy, too, with a window seat and a spare seat between me and my new neighbour.