Amsterdam is an attractive city for expats and there are a number of international companies based here that require native English speakers.

What drew you to Amsterdam - and what keeps you there?

It happened unexpectedly. My partner wasn't able to get an extension on his visa to stay in New Zealand so to stay together we needed to move abroad. He's originally from England but neither of us wanted to move to the UK, I wanted to live somewhere that was a bit different. Amsterdam is an attractive city for expats and there are a number of international companies like, Tomtom and Uber based here that require native English speakers.

If you were staying for a few weeks, where's the best area to base yourself?

The Jordaan district close to the city centre, yet removed enough not to get too overrun with tourists. The Anne Frank Museum is also close by.
And if you're there for a night - what are three things you' d kick yourself for not doing?
1. Try some Bitterballen. Amazing balls of deep-fried Dutchness.
2. Take in the sights of the famous Red Light District. Just make sure you don't take any
3. You need to ride a bike, it's the best way to get the feel of the city. You can rent one or you can join a bike tour where they'll provide one.


Describe the restaurant scene in Amsterdam...

Most of the restaurants you'll find are upmarket - along with the prices, but so is the quality of food and service. Tipping is expected, around a couple of euros or 3 per cent of the bill.
What do locals like to do on a weekend?
Music festivals are a weekly occurrence in summer so these are very popular. For something a little quieter, Amsterdammers take a stroll or sunbathe in Vondelpark. Cruising along the canals with a few beers is also a popular way to spend the weekend.

A great back alley bar?

Biercafe Gollem on Raamsteeg. They serve Belgian beers and have a beer-tasting menu for 10 euros.

Where to go for an injection of culture?

The Rijksmuseum. It's the place to learn about the history of the Netherlands. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore it properly.

Where's the first place you'd take friends for lunch?

Cafe De Ceuvel is on the noord side of the IJ river. Its organic vibe is infectious. The cafe is made out of old houseboats, located on one of the most sustainable living projects in Europe. The view along with the live music sets a chill atmosphere.


For a special night out, you can't beat?

Ctaste restaurant. You never know what you're going to get here. You have to hand in anything that has a light before your guided to your table. The catch about this restaurant - you dine in the dark.The dining area is pitch black, so the experience makes use of your remaining, heightened senses.

If you want to get back to nature, try ...

Het Twiske nature reserve is a great escape from the city. It's a great place for a sunny afternoon walk with a picnic.

Amsterdam is great for travelling with kids because ...

It is a flat city, so they won't get as tired, walking around. But if they do, public transport here is a dream-come-true, with trams, buses and metro lines all over the city.

Originally from Rotorua, Jaden now lives in Amsterdam where he works in the head office for online travel agent,