Amazing footage shows the moment Kiwi Clem Newell takes flight over the Swiss Alps.

Filmed by Swede Thor Sinoda, the YouTube video shows New Zealander Clem Newell as he leaps from the edge of Gitschen mountain, wearing a blue wing suit that allows him to soar like a bird over the incredible scenery.

Originally from New Plymouth, 35-year-old Newell became interested in tackling great heights after learning how to skydive in the United States.

"Having a week spare in California, I decided to get my skydive licence, getting taught by - and also surrounded by - guys and girls in the Adult Industry", he told the Herald.

"From there I spent three years skydiving in Perth, Australia, learning to wingsuit from a plane."


Since then, the intrepid Kiwi has spent half his year in Switzerland, BASE jumping (building, antenna, span, and Earth) off mountains in the Swiss, Italian and French alps.

The wingsuit he uses has special inlets under the arms and between the legs, which inflate and produce a semi-rigid wing around a rider's body - essentially acting like the wing of an aeroplane.

"They pressurise when we start 'falling/moving' which we then turn into forward motion," Newell says.

"We then change our body position to either increase or decrease our forward speed and glide ratio."

While jumping from such a height would terrify the average person, Newell says he finds the initial leap "calming" - however, it's the speed of the flight that he really enjoys.

The 35-year-old started out in skydiving, before becoming interested in BASE jumping. Photo / YouTube, Clem Newell
The 35-year-old started out in skydiving, before becoming interested in BASE jumping. Photo / YouTube, Clem Newell

"The closer I fly [to] objects, trees and terrain, the faster it feels. There's no adrenaline rush, and I land with a smile on my face. I often jump alone so there's no jumping up and down, no fist pumping. If I jump with a buddy, we'd simply nod our heads and high five."

But it's not just about the leap into flight. While the 2500m Gitschen jump takes a minute-and-a-half to complete, the hike to get to the right location can take hours - and there's plenty to see and do along the way.

"Swimming on the lake we just landed on, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with other very passionate people in the community. It's very healthy on the soul," he says.

"Every mountain here is amazing and picturesque. I really mean they are all beautiful. Gitschen is my favourite as it a huge jumpable mountain, with a lake below."

For anyone interested in seeing mountain ranges from a new perspective, Newell says it's best to start small and work your way up.

"If someone wants to get into BASE jumping, they need to simply head to a skydive dropzone and it all starts there. It takes years to get to this level, even progressing fast as I did."

• Check out Clem Newell's Facebook and YouTube channel for more BASE-jumping action