The True Love @ Neverland cafe proves that good food and pretty beaches aren't the only draws for tourists to Thailand. Dogs are too, of which the cafe has dozens for visitors to play with.

Located in downtown Bangkok, Neverland cafe hosts a wide pen area where visitors can play with 29 dogs during the cafe's service hours.

Most are Siberian huskies, with a small number of Australian shepherds and Japanese Akita dogs, owner Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, who opened the cafe three years ago, told EPA.

For 350 baht ($14), visitors get a drink or snack from the cafe, and gain entry to the open-air playground where they can play with the canines, hug them and take photos with them for about an hour.


Though reportedly few Thais come here, at least 100 foreigners visit every day, with most coming from Singapore.

One couple evidently can't get enough of dogs, as they said they have 13 of them back home in the Philippines. They came to the cafe on Thursday with their infant son, who looked somewhat annoyed when a white-furred Akita sniffed his face.

To guard against outside dirt and grime making contact with the dogs, visitors must wear wear plastic cover on their socked feet and apply hand cleanser before entering.

As the Huskies are more suited to the cold environment of Siberia than hot and humid Thailand, they live in an air-conditioned building most of the time, and come into the playground during the cafe's service hours.