Over 500 passengers were left stranded for seven hours after one woman's impromptu decision to change her relationship status.

The travellers were forced off a flight - which was heading from Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia, on Monday - as one woman on-board decided she needed a divorce, pronto.

Witnesses claim that while the plane was taxiing she demanded to be let off the flight and repeated over and over again: 'I am not in the mood to fly now.'

Due to safety regulations, everyone was forced to exit the plane, too, and have their luggage security-screened again, which prompted the long delay, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.


Irked passengers took photos and videos of families and elderly travellers disembarking at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport. They raged at the airline, asking them to punish the divorcee-to-be for the inconvenience.

Fuming about being stranded, Elena Shteynikova posted a video to Instagram venting her fury.

Shteynikova captioned it "a woman aged 40 took a decision to divorce her husband. Urgently! And she needed to walk off the plane. Cabin crew tried in vain to persuade her not to leave the aircraft because this is a long procedure".

She added: "One girl decided not to fly to the coastal town. Moreover, she changed her mind at the time of takeoff.

"For more than an hour they tried to persuade her to stay. But, she decided to get a divorce and she had to get out.

"After she came off it dropped off 525 passengers. According to regulations the aircraft must undergo another inspection. We were there for seven hours.

"Russian airline has decided to remain silent. It's a shame that this woman will not suffer any punishment."

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