Sophie Ryan lies aboard Air New Zealand's NZ281, from Singapore to Auckland.

The plane:

A Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 with fresh-looking interior and facilities.

The seat: I was seated in a window seat in Economy and had the thrilling experience of no one else sitting in the row. It was a real treat to be able to curl up across the three seats and have a doze after the meal was served. The seats were spacious and had an adjustable head rest and sculpted seat back.

The food: Standard for airline food. For breakfast there was an Asian or European choice, followed by offers of snacks throughout the remainder of the flight. A light dinner was served two hours before we were due to land.


How full: The flight was about two-thirds full.

The entertainment: The Dreamliner features Air New Zealand's new entertainment system. The touchscreen monitor is 11 inches and easy to navigate. There was a great selection of Hollywood blockbusters as well as some new world films.

The facilities: A pillow and blanket were provided for the flight. The restrooms had cool wallpaper inside them and nice lighting, which seemed to be flattering for my travel-weary face.

The passengers: Were a variety of business travellers and holidaymakers. Many of those travelling alone were able to set up in an empty row and put their feet up for the flight.

The service: Was great. The Air New Zealand cabin crew were very pleasant and chatty.

The bottom line: I'd be very pleased to fly the Air New Zealand Dreamliner experience again.