Dear Sir,

I couldn't agree more with your reader, Rae McGregor, and her comments ['We like', Travel, June 14]. I do a lot of travel as part of my business. I have flown with more than 30 airlines. I still regard Air New Zealand as the best in the business in terms of friendly service, food, modern airplanes and so on.

However, those uniforms. OMG. Every time I see the hostesses walking through the terminals I cringe.

The men look great in their smart business suits, but the women? Those hats, the psychedelic skirts, black stockings. So unfashionable.


Please can you do these wonderful ladies a favour and start a movement to get them into something more attractive.

I am surprised that the hostesses haven't refused to wear them.

Years ago, United used to fly from AKL to LAX. The hostesses were generally of a more mature age. Possibly a recognition of years of service to get the plum routes. They wore a business jacket and skirt that was very smart and looked good even on the older gals. I would not like to see grass skirts or other ethnic clothing as per some other airlines, nor Hobbit apparel.


Paul Daynes