Tourists sipping cocktails while lounging beside infinity pools at popular beachfront bars have been wiped out by tidal waves as flooding and high tides batter South Bali and kill two tourists.

The surf has been off-limits due to dangerous conditions, but even those on land at idyllic hot-spot Ku De Ta in Seminyak have been endangered by the giant waves this week.

Shocking footage shows the waves crashing over tourists by the pool, while The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort 20km south has been deserted and damaged, WA Today reports.

Two tourists, from Hong Kong and Singapore, died after they were dragged out to sea at Padang Galak Beach in Sanur, local newspaper Tribun Bali reported on Wednesday.


The dangerous conditions forced tourists on a ship to evacuate to the top level.

Earlier this month, a woman from Two Rocks, Perth, was one of five people swept out to sea and killed while she was on her honeymoon

Brad and Lestari Williams were walking along the beach at Angel's Billabong beach at Bali island Nusa Penida, when a rogue wave swamped them from behind and washed them out to sea, reported Nine News.

Mr Williams made it back to shore but Mrs Williams and her eight-year-old sister vanished in the surf.

Nearly 1300 people fled Java's Lumajang and Pekalongan in recent days ahead of forecasted tidal waves along the southern coast of Bali and Sumbawa and the western coast of Sumatra Island.

Social media has been awash with terrifying footage of the waves hitting coastal areas in South Bali.

"Dude, where's my beach!?" one tourist wrote alongside footage of the terrifying waves. "Global warming working its charms."

"King tide has hit Seminyak too! Pool usually has a huge beach in front of it, now it has a beach IN it!" another wrote.

"Everything was so calm, so blue & the weather were just perfect [sic]. THEN a small scale of tsunami wiped our food and our clothes and our hair and everything away," another said.