A mother has described the moment her young daughter choked on part of a plastic spoon during a flight.

One-year-old Gabrielle Ward began having trouble breathing after part of a plastic spoon broke off in her mouth during a Thomson flight from Glasgow to Florida on May 3.

Her mother Natalie, 34, told the Daily Record the incident would have been worse if there hadn't been a paramedic sitting next to them.

"The spoon went into her mouth and I just heard this crack," she said.


"Gabrielle started choking at 40,000 feet and I was just completely frantic."

She said her daughter hadn't been biting hard on the spoon, which was "just really flimsy".

The man sitting next to them was able to help Gabrielle regain her breathing, but Ms Ward was concerned about the damage the plastic could do to her daughter's insides.

"I want them to recall this cutlery as I believe it's clearly dangerous.

"The next person might not be lucky enough to have a paramedic sitting next to them."

A spokeswoman for the airline told the Daily Record they would contact the family directly and review their complaint.

"We would like to reassure everyone that customer health and safety is our top priority."

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