Actress Antonia Prebble shares her best and worst travel experiences.


My most recent was Cappadocia, Turkey, which I visited last year. It's extraordinary, covered in rock formations that make you feel like you're on another planet. Most of the hotels are built into the rock so you feel like you're sleeping in a cave. Because of the landscape, one of the biggest tourist attractions is hot-air ballooning. We had a go and although I was a bit of a wimp and had to keep one hand holding on to the basket, it was an incredible experience.


One unfortunate incident was when I travelled through Mexico with my Outrageous Fortune mates Siobhan Marshall and Aidee Walker. We were driving in a run-down Kombi van, took a corner too fast and went off the road. The embankments either side were steep so when we came to a stop it felt like if a butterfly had landed on the passenger side we would have flipped over. We were able to gingerly climb out of the driver's side then climb back up on to the road. The "miss" almost turned into a "hit" because we were completely taken care of. One of the many drivers who stopped to help was able to winch our car back on to the road, and others stopped traffic to make sure it was all safe. Amazingly, our van started so we got back in and kept on going . . . at a somewhat slower pace.