Lynley Bilby is currently travelling from England to Norway on the Emerald Princess. She will be posting updates throughout the trip.

I am going landlubber today and focusing on Norwegian roads. It seems as well as a drivers' licence you need nerves of steel.

The narrow, steep, windy mountain passes make for some spectacular moments.

At this point I am sitting in a bus heading down a steep gully with a killer drop to my right wondering what happens next.


Incredibly the two vehicles passed with millimetres to spare.

Apart from traffic cam there were some spectacular sights on the 90km road trip from Skjolden to Lom.

We went from lush green valleys to snow capped mountains.

But perhaps the most unexpected view was a group of international athletes on a training run.

This is the (shirtless) Norwegian cross country ski team many kilometres from their high performance base doing an epic valley-to-peak cardio workout.

Bon Voyage.