A teenager who stowed away on an Emirates flight has confessed it was all part of a plan to make it rich in Dubai - as a beggar.

The 16-year-old boy from China, who has only been identified by his last name Zu, jumped over a fence at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport and snuck inside the cargo hold of flight EK303 on Friday. He had made the move while a security guard was looking the other way.

He made the whole 10-hour flight without being discovered but was detained at Dubai Airport where he told police the flight had been fairly comfy, though the in-flight service on the A380 could have been better, Shanghaiist reports.

He had made the risky trip in a bid to get rich in Dubai after hearing that beggars could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year there.

Emirates' inaugural non-stop service from to Dubai to Auckland touches down.

According to local media in the UAE, while begging is illegal it can definitely be lucrative. In April a "professional beggar" was caught making as much as DH270,000 ($102,000) per month.

During the first three months of this year, 59 beggars were caught during a police blitz.

"Some of the beggars were carrying passports issued with business or tourist visas. In the campaign, we found that the majority of beggars had entered the country legally with a three-month visa, in order to collect as much money as they could during their time here," Faisal Al Badiawi from the Dubai Municipality said.

Regarding the stowaway, Emirates said: "We are co-operating fully with authorities in Dubai and as this is a police matter we are unable to comment further at this time."

Thinking about visiting Dubai? Here's a list of what not to do while you're there

Drinking: Drinking or being drunk in public is not tolerated and the legal drinking age is 21. You should only drink in a hotel.

Public displays of affection: Holding hands, kissing or getting cosy with your other half could lead to arrest and imprisonment.

Sex outside marriage: Sex between those who are not married is illegal and can lead to severe criminal sanctions.

Homosexuality: Homosexual acts are illegal and subject to severe punishment.

Swearing: Swearing and making rude gestures, such as the middle finger, are criminal acts in the UAE.

Swimwear: Wearing bathers outside the beach is against Dubai's decency laws and swimsuits in general should be modest. Nudity at beaches is illegal.

Smoking: Lighting up in a shopping mall, government building or shop can result in a fine.

Clothing: Womens clothing may be considered indecent if it is tight, transparent, above the knee or shows her stomach, shoulders or back. Men should wear t-shirts at all times and short shorts can attract the wrong kind of attention.

Conversation: It is illegal to "harass" women - this includes unwanted conversation and prolonged stares or eye contact.

Photos: Taking photographs of people, particularly women, without permission is illegal and can lead to arrest or fines.

Ramadan: During Ramadan, it is illegal for non-Muslims to eat, drink or smoke in public in front of Muslims between sunrise and sunset.

Medicines: Many medications available over the counter or by prescription in Australia are illegal in Dubai.

Drugs: The UAE laws on drugs are extremely strict, and include the death penalty or life in jail.