Lynley Bilby is currently travelling from England to Norway on the Emerald Princess. She will be posting updates throughout the trip.

I was out at tea last night dining in Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone's new onboard restaurant Share enjoying some really beautiful food. See above for the first course.

It must have been halfway through the six courses when I suddenly realised it was nearly 10pm and the moon and stars were nowhere to be seen. Note the absence of all things celestial.

"When is it going to get dark around here?" we cried out to no one in particular.


Well the answer is very, very late. I can confirm it is sometime after midnight. Here's a photo I took at 11:45pm at sunset.

Poor Norwegian mums and dads trying to convince their children it's time to go to sleep. Using the good old-fashioned line "it's dark now" to get their kids into bed wouldn't really cut it.

I'll end with a picture of a snow-capped Norwegian fjord.

Bon Voyage.