It doesn't make Australia seem like a particularly appealing place to visit - except for the fact they clearly have a bloody good sense of humour.

A new "honest advert" that offers some brutal truths about Australia to overseas visitors has already clocked close to 20,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded on Saturday.

Check out the video for yourself. Warning: a bit of bad language ahead.

At just over one minute long, the satirical video by the team from The Juice Media packs in plenty of slings at the Australian government and its environment and immigration policies.


Authorised by "the Australian Department of Environmental Irony and Mining Apocalypse, Canberra", the "advert" runs through some of Australia's "sh*tload of natural wonders", using scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road as visual evidence of Australia's unique environment.

A now-infamous photograph of a shadowy Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is used to highlight some of the country's "unique array of poisonous insects".

The video takes aim at the Australian government's move to omit the Great Barrier Reef from a recent UNESCO report on world heritage sites threatened by climate change, advising overseas tourists that "by the time you get there and realise that 93 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached into a desolate coral graveyard, you'll already have given us your money".

Other slings are directed at various moves to "whitewash" Australian history, as well as Australia's treatment of asylum seekers, with the campaign offering a "special package deal" for asylum seekers and their families to lodge on Nauru island.