Kiwis are cruising more than ever - with industry figures reporting a 10 per cent surge in passenger numbers, it's practically becoming a national holiday tradition.

We've collected some of the coolest and most out-there amenities on offer to help you choose the right vessel for your next cruise.

Whether you're into epic waterslides or private saunas, there's sure to be something that takes your fancy.

SkyRide, Carnival Vista

The latest ship to join Carnival's fleet, the Vista offers some innovative experiences - including an 800ft cycling track that's suspended above the upper deck.

It's not your average cycling track - called the SkyRide, passengers ride in special pedal-powered cars that offer spectacular views of the sea and everything else happening on board.


Snow Room, Norwegian Escape

Holidaymakers usually want a break from the cold when they head to the Caribbean, but Norwegian Escape has the company's first-ever Snow Room on board for those looking to improve their health.

It forms part of the ship's Thermal Suite and is kept between -6C and 0C, and artificial snowflakes fall from the ceiling throughout the day.

The Snow Room on Norwegian Escape has real snowflakes falling from the ceiling. Photo / Supplied
The Snow Room on Norwegian Escape has real snowflakes falling from the ceiling. Photo / Supplied

Norwegian Cruise Line said the Snow Room offers a number of health benefits, including increased blood circulation.

F1 Simulator, MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises' four Fantasia class ships offer the chance to experience Formula 1 racing, while cruising the ocean.

The simulator includes a replica car and a variety of tracks to try out.

It's currently offered on MSC's Fantasia, Splendida, Divina and Preziosa cruise ships.

SeaWalk, Princess Cruises

With a glass floor that stretches for 60 ft, 128 ft above the ocean, the SeaWalk will have you feeling like you're walking on air.

It's exclusive to the Royal Princess and Regal Princess ships and is located high on the 17th deck.

Ice Bar, Norwegian Epic

Passengers can truly chill out at Norwegian Epic's -10C Svedka & Inniskillin Ice Bar - a great way to beat the heat when the ship sails to the Mediterranean this northern summer.

No one needs to worry about frostbite either, as passengers are provided with appropriate winter clothing at the entrance.

The Ultimate Abyss, Harmony of the Seas

As the world's largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas can boast some pretty big features - including the 10-storey "Ultimate Abyss", which is, of course, the biggest slide at sea.

However, it's not actually a waterslide - passengers enter through the mouth of a menacing anglerfish and ride the slide on a black mat with an open sack to place your feet in.

The Lawn Club, Celebrity Cruises

Just because you're at sea doesn't mean your croquet game has to suffer - if you're on one of Celebrity's Soltice Class ships, head right to the Lawn Club.

Passengers can enjoy a picnic on Celebrity Cruise's Lawn Club. Photo / Supplied
Passengers can enjoy a picnic on Celebrity Cruise's Lawn Club. Photo / Supplied

It's the only cruise line to offer real grass on the top deck, with a country club atmosphere. It's a great spot to have a picnic, play games or just enjoy the feeling of grass between your toes.

Private sauna, Viking Star

If you're looking for privacy, relaxation and true luxury, you're best off booking the most exclusive cabins.

Viking Star offers a private sauna, with stunning views of the sea from the seventh deck.

However, it will cost around $17,394 per person (based on an eight-day Mediterranean cruise) to book the owner's suite, where the sauna is located.

Bionic Bar, Royal Caribbean

One of the most talked-about new features is available on Royal Caribbean's newest ships - the Bionic Bar, where robotic bartenders serve your drinks.

Passengers have around 30 different drinks to choose from.

Vertigo, MSC Preziosa

Launched in 2013, MSC Preziosa gives adrenaline junkies a thrill thanks to its transparent Vertigo water slide.

Offering views of the top deck and the sea, it is MSC Cruises' longest water slide and the longest single-rider body water slide on a cruise ship.

Vertigo is 12.9 metres tall and nearly 120 metres long, sending riders down it at an average speed of 21 km/h.

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