It's never nice being woken up from your beauty sleep, particularly when you are meant to be enjoying a relaxing holiday in Botswana.

These two tourists got the shock of their lives when they opened their eyes to see two adult lions standing right outside their flimsy tents.

Thankfully the two big cats seemed more interested in licking the dew off the sides of their tent in the Mabuasehube game reserve, Botswana.

Francie Francisca Lubbe and her partner managed to stay surprisingly calm as they waited to see whether the lions would venture inside the tent.


Whispering in low voices, the couple watched in amazement as the two lions licked the dew off the outside of their tents.

Leaning right up against the tent sheet, the near see-through white lining shows the colossal heads and sharp teeth of the two lions.

Whilst many people might have been scared off by the close encounter, Francie managed to film the fascinating moment.

Posted by Danie En Francie Lubbe on Monday, 23 May 2016

She described the experience as "very special" on her Facebook post, which attracted plenty of likes from her friends online.

"[There was] no noise, no smell. We tried to be very quiet not to disturb them. It was very special," Francie wrote.