Incredible footage shows a tourist receiving grenade-lobbing training that consisted of merely throwing pebbles.

After just two throws, he's then given a live grenade, which he hurls into a large pond after double checking that he should dispatch it as soon as the pin is pulled.

The understandably nervous tourist was dicing with death at a firing range in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the clip, shot by a passer-by, begins with a member of staff talking him through the arm action required.

The holidaymaker, who appears to be Irish, throws a pebble into the murky water but is told by the guide to try again - and this time, not to make the water splash.


Succeeding on his second attempt, the tourist is then deemed ready to throw the hand-grenade.

The tourist is warned by the staff member that he must "hold the grenade tight" when he pulls out the pin, as otherwise it may go off.

The guide said: "Slowly, slowly, don't worry. I'll stay near you all the time."

The Irish man then replies: "So, after you pull this out I just throw it right?"

The guide nods and tells him to do it slowly. He then pulls out the grenade's pin.

The nervous backpacker launches the weapon into the water and after five seconds it explodes, blasting water into the air.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 and has grown in popularity over the past 24 hours, concludes with the tourist smiling at the camera and expressing his excitement.

At the Cambodian firing range, visitors are allowed to use weapons including AK 47s, bazookas, M16s and even Tommy Guns, whether they're experienced or not.