"You have too many old, worn out and overweight flight attendants on this flight. There are also a few who are clearly 'alternative lifestyle'."

"I f***ing hate this airline and your s**tty flight attendants especially the ugly ones on my flight today."

Can you imagine showing up to work each day only to be bombarded with hateful messages from strangers like the above?

They are real messages, by the way, being sent to Delta Airlines flight attendants. And quite understandably, they're not happy about it, industry website Savvy Stews reports.


So why is this happening? The airline launched a new program survey called Delta Plus that allows passengers to submit feedback on their flight experiences, in real time. It was meant to help the airline bring about positive change, but it appears to have backfired.

Staff aren't thrilled about having to read demeaning comments about their appearance, weight and even their sexual orientation throughout their work day.

Here are some more examples of real messages they have received:

"The aisles are too narrow on your planes and my elbows kept getting bumped by the pudgy flight attendant who couldn't control the movement of her ass."

"Ugliest flight attendant I've ever had but she was sweet."

"I think the red dresses worn by your flight attendants look horrible. They are skin-tight and completely unflattering."

The airline says it's currently adjusting filters to prevent such inappropriate comments making their way through to the crew.

Delta spokesperson Allison Ausband talked about the program recently, saying: "This is a new system and we'll continue to work together to make it the best feedback mechanism for all of us, so keep the feedback coming; and I apologise for any comments you've seen or might see that aren't intended to make us better."


news.com.au has contacted Delta for further comment.