If you've ever craved a burger and fries while flushing out your pores, Finland could be the latest destination to add to your bucket list.

Saunas are so popular in Scandinavia that there is one for every three people in Finland - and now the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki has added an eat-in spa to its facilities.

There is a $56 charge for lost towels. Photo / Facebook
There is a $56 charge for lost towels. Photo / Facebook

It includes a sauna that seats 15, equipped with a 48" television and Burger King branded towels for guests to wipe the sweat and ketchup off with.

The hot spot is described on its website as "perfect for social gatherings or work" - because there's no greater team building exercise than dripping with sweat and chowing down on Whoppers.


Servers from the restaurant are able to take your order directly from the sauna, where an ice-cold Coke is sure to be a popular order.

The spa, designed by Finnish designer Teuvo Loman, also has a shower room, locker room and media area with gaming facilities. It is available for exclusive hire for 250 euros ($415.60) for three hours, if you're considering booking that business meeting - but before you consider taking a towel as a souvenir, there's a $56 charge for that.

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