The strict regulations around liquids and air travel can be frustrating - but they're probably not worth getting arrested over.

A 28-year-old Beijing university graduate student, identified only by her surname Li, became angry when told her bottle of contact lens solution exceeded the 100ml limit legally allowed on flights.

The South China Morning Post reported that the incident occurred at Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou and the woman had been detained on charges of pouring a bottle of contact lens solution on a security officer.

Ms Li had attempted to get around the rule by transferring the lens solution to a paper cup from a nearby water dispenser - but was told it could not be used as it was not a sealed container.


Security camera footage shows Ms Li throwing a paper cup of liquid over the head of one of the security officers.

It was reported that she was in Hangzhou for a job interview and was on her way home to Beijing.

Due to increasing reports of similar behaviour, China has given officials the right to ban the most unruly passengers from flying.