Dear Sir,

I read your article on the receding snows of Kilimanjaro with interest [Travel, April 26]. This is a picture taken in the late 1950s when I lived in Kenya as a child. The difference in snow coverage is quite amazing (and worrying).

Doug Bone, Mangawhai
Arriving in Auckland
Dear Sir,

I was more than disappointed with the tone of your editorial (Eli Orzessek: 'Why Auckland Sucks', Travel, May 3). I have just been an organiser of a reunion in Auckland and those who came from the airport on SkyBus were essentially complimentary about the service, accepting that traffic is an issue but not SkyBus' fault.


I have experienced much overseas travel and many transfers in shuttles, buses and cabs. Very few are illuminating experiences. LAX to Anaheim can be a long, boring experience. No less inspiring were the transfers by bus from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports in Moscow in the late 1980s. We are not lucky enough to enjoy the range of train services that many large cities have. That doesn't need explaining but it hardly puts Auckland in the "sucks" box.

And quite frankly, on all the cruises I have done I enjoy seeing their working port areas either where the ship is berthed or upon entering or leaving port. Most passengers on arrival don't see our container terminal as they have either not yet arisen or are in the lounges completing arrival procedures.

I have lived in Auckland since 1979. I enjoy my time here although, like everyone, I hate the traffic. Auckland is a growing city and if you think everything should be arranged around personal 13-minute ride preferences then you should move.

Ian Read, Stillwater
Airport views
Dear Sir,

Auckland Airport has recently closed the public viewing deck/observation lounge after 40 years. No reason has been given and a letter to the CEO of Auckland Airport does not elicit a response. Are other readers concerned about this? Major airports such as Narita have viewing decks, so why not Auckland?

Simon Gilmore, Kohimarama
Quirky codes
Dear Sir,

I'm planning a trip next year that will take me on Finnair, from Singapore to Helsinki. The airport codes are SIN and HEL. So you could say Sin and you will go to Hel.

Malcolm Hogan
Minibar behaviour
Dear Sir,

In 30 years, I've never not been believed when asked if I had anything from the hotel minibar until recently at the Amora in Wellington. Someone was immediately sent up to my room to check that what I said was true. While it is their right, it left a rather bad taste in the mouth. Not sure I would stay there again. Has anyone else experienced this?

David Norrie, Auckland
MPI wait times
Dear Sir,

I have to disagree with Roger Christopher's letter regarding MPI's long waiting times at Auckland Airport and his comparison with Australia [Travel , April 12]. I, too, have experienced delays in Auckland almost always in the early morning when several flights arrive together but then again there can be virtually no delay at times. In contrast, I have had ridiculous delays at Melbourne recently, far in excess of 40 minutes with queues stretched around the baggage area and no signage to assist with what queue you are joining.

Steve Warne, Bucklands Beach
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