Welcome to Japan. Please do not burp, fart, or soil public toilets.

These are just three unwanted habits a Japanese tourism board has highlighted in a brochure in a bid to stop holidaymakers behaving badly when visiting.

Following a spate of perceived bad behaviour on the part of Chinese tourists, the Hokkaido Tourism Organization decided to print a guide on etiquette. It stresses that speaking loudly in public, farting, meals not being finished and queues being jumped are all frowned upon.

The guide was first published last August, but has since been updated.


According to the Japan Times, the former guide was accused of being "condescending" so was remade and published last month in English as well as Chinese.

The latest version of the guide also highlights that bringing food into a restaurant or taking leftovers out is frowned upon.

Being mindful of property - such as grass - disposing of sanitary products properly and never wearing swimwear in public baths are also stressed in the brochure.

The tourism board added that if holidaymakers are planning on passing wind in a public space, they must do so "as discreetly as possible".

It said: "Japanese etiquette is based on avoiding causing discomfort or nuisance to others. Accordingly, Japanese will avoid bodily functions such as belching or flatulence in public entirely, or perform bodily functions as discreetly as possible.

"Of course, these functions are a necessary part of human life, but please be modest and discreet when visiting Japan."

Over 80,000 copies of the brochure have been printed and it will be distributed around Hokkaido's pubs and tourist attractions.