An artist has created a series that transforms cities into beautiful Disney scenes, using only paper and scissors - and he's keen to bring his work to New Zealand.

Instagrammer Rich McCor, from London, has given attractions such as Big Ben and Notre Dame a magical twist by adding in figures of popular characters including Peter Pan and Quasimodo.

It seems many are fans of Disney heroes roaming real life destinations, as the stunning silhouettes have helped McCor to secure a whopping 149,000 followers on his social media account in just a few months.

The unique project was created in collaboration with digital entertainment service DisneyLife, who challenged him to put his unique touch on landscapes.


Many of his images already had a Disney theme, so McCor was quick to rise to the occasion and find some more creative scenes.

One of his incredible shots is of a black-and-white Simba, Timon and Pumbaa strolling across the River Tyne on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in north-east England.

Others show Belle and Beast dancing together by the Liverpool docks, Sulley from Monsters Inc resting on the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and Nemo incorporated into the design of the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow.

Since starting his unusual cut out images last summer, McCor has seen his follower count on his Instagram account, Paperboyo, rocket.

He told MailOnline, "Since my pictures went up last year, my photos have gone viral and since then I've had some really fun opportunities with tourist boards and brands."

"I've already had a few trips this year and I'm about to head to Hong Kong."

And he also hopes to head to our shores in the future to create some new images - potentially with a Lord of the Rings theme. He told the Herald that the landscape and architecture of New Zealand could definitely provide some inspiration for his work.

"The Sky Tower definitely has potential for a fun idea and I've got a great idea for Mackelvie Street too," he said.

- Daily Mail,