I took my three boys to Thailand and met two of my best girlfriends from my Hong Kong days. We had a glorious week in Krabi, just women and kids and 10 years of catching up.
Then followed a week in Hong Kong, the first time I'd taken them there since we moved back to New Zealand in 2004. It was so much fun showing them where they'd hung out as babies. We also met our former domestic helper and it was quite the tearful reunion for her and the boys. Bali and Gili Air with the family last July was wonderfully relaxing. Or the time I did a yacht race from Hong Kong to Nha Trang in Vietnam - that was a blast. I've had so many great holidays.


I got horrifically sick and delirious while camping in a place called Butterfly Valley near Oludeniz in Turkey. I had to be rushed to the hospital by speed boat, none of which I remember. Or the time we arrived in Vladivostok for a sailing regatta with a baby and a pre-schooler in tow, only to find a hotel straight out of the 1960s and a very grumpy Russian matron/hotel babysitter who the boys refused to stay with while I sailed. Sensible kids. She was terrifying. We ended up having a pretty good time exploring the streets of Vladivostok, riding on the rusty roller coaster and counting bullet holes in cars and buildings.

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