Dramatic footage shows the moment a Boeing 737 was engulfed in smoke after its wheel locked on landing.

The clip, posted on YouTube by Ryan Kirkpatrick, showed a Blue Air passenger plane from Bucharest approaching the runway at Birmingham Airport on Tuesday and landing, before quickly disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

As the camera pulls back, the extent of the smoke was revealed before the plane eventually emerged and taxied to the gate.

Not long after the landing, a second aircraft was seen landing on the same runway - which Kirkpatrick claimed was not checked for debris.


He responded to a comment on the video which read, "Surprised they didn't close the runway to check for debris" and said "I was surprised as well. Two more landed after this and then the runway was checked."

A spokesperson for the airport told MailOnline Travel the incident was a result of a "locked tyre".

"As a result there was no debris. A precautionary runway inspection took place before any aircraft departed. No debris was reported."

A spokesman for Blue Air said the tyre had overheated.

"The Blue Air aircraft that operated the flight from Bucharest to Birmingham on April 12 landed in normal conditions, all passengers arrived safely at the destination.

"Immediately after landing, a tyre overheated causing an emanation of smoke when braking.

"The crew together with a technical team evaluated the situation and decided that the wheel needed to be replaced for safety reasons.

"Blue Air thus sent to Birmingham another aircraft to transport passengers on the return flight."

The wheel was changed and the aircraft returned to service, he said.

- nzherald.co.nz