It's bad enough that we often have to pay extra just to use the internet in hotel rooms, but they don't need to be rude about it.

One guest received an extra surprise during his overnight stay at a hotel called the Cherry Tree Inn. Imgur user PizzusChrist posted online a receipt showing his randomly generated wifi username, and it's rather unfortunate.

Yes, it's that popular swear word starting in 'f' and ending in 'k'.

And just to show it truly was a bizarre coincidence, he posted more receipts showing other usernames, proving they are all a series of random letters and numbers.


The cost and quality of hotel wi-fi is a point of contention for many international travellers.

Earlier this year, New Zealand hotels were ranked 27 out of 50 for quality and availability of free wireless broadband in an international wi-fi study. South Korea and Japan were rated first and second, but the US came in at 40 and Indonesia at 48.

While the internet speed in New Zealand hotels was generally judged to be quite good, only 56.2 per cent of places were found to provide free access in all areas.