Best holiday ever?

That's a difficult one! Any holiday is a good holiday, right?

I spent a month in Berlin a couple of years ago which was awesome. I've been to some amazing places but often it's with work so I rarely get to do any proper exploring. I really got to know it well and it's got to be one of my favourite places.

It was when Ladi6 and Shapeshifter were spending a bit of time there, too, so I had some good buddies around. There was a lot of walking, hanging in parks and beer. Really cheap beer.


Where's your next holiday?
No holiday is planned at this point but I've just had a great weekend camping so I'm aiming to try to sneak away for another weekend if I can fit it in before the sun goes away. There's a place I've been looking at in Rotorua that's dog friendly for my pup and I've got some friends who can hook me up with some adventuring and falconing so it seems rude not to.

Best anti-jetlag tip?
I take a little toiletry bag with me on any long haul - eye drops, moisturiser, face spray, deodorant, wet wipes, sleep mask, ear plugs and toothbrush.

I have a little "shower" after dinner, chuck my hoodie on and then basically take really good sleeping pills. Ha.

Favourite city to visit?
I do love New York - so much music and good food. I always come back inspired and motivated and generally a slightly broken human.

Best get-away-from-it-all place to escape to?
My switch-off-brain place would be Rarotonga. Simple, no phone, book reading, swimming and sleeping. I always only ever hire houses when I go over so I can have a home away from home. It's a cheap (ish) getaway if you can make it work with a bit of a crew or family.

Describe your ideal money-no-object dream holiday?
I have always wanted to go to Africa so I guess that would be it. My best friend who passed away last year was from the island of St Helena off the west coast of Africa so if I can make it work, I intend to get there in the next couple of years and scatter my allocation of her ashes there.

Hollie's new album, Water Or Gold, is out now.