A London chef is on a mission to enhance the reputation of the humble kebab - beloved by many after a big night out.

At Hazev restaurant on Canary Wharf, head chef Onder Sahan has created the world's most expensive kebab, with a whopping price tag of £925 ($1918).

The kebab includes the finest Japanese Wagyu beef, morel mushrooms and 25-year-old Italian vinegar.

He said he created the kebab to dispel its reputation as a snack eaten only by drunk people.


"We try to change the kebab image, and then we show people if you have good taste and then you can make it whatever way you like it," he told the Daily Mail.

Onder said he hoped his creation would inspire others to do better.

"I'm really very very happy if someone do it and I'm very interested. I'm waiting if someone makes it better than this and I'm happy to pay more than 1,000."

The dish was created to mark the fourth British Kebab Awards earlier this month, where Onder took out first prize.

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