Dear Sir,

I could not agree more with your comments regarding Otto Warmbier who fell foul of North Korea's authorities ['Pyongyang express', Travel, March 22]. When we travel to a different country, we accept the rules of the land. It's been that way since the days of Marco Polo. It doesn't surprise me that an American would be arrogant enough to think he was above such age-old common sense.

D. Warren

On Pacific diving sites
Dear Sir,


There are far better diving sites than Rarotonga and Tonga [Pacific's best dive sites, Travel, March 15] including:

(1) Truk Lagoon. Wreck capital of the world courtesy of the Allied Navies in 1944.

(2) Palau. Manta ray capital of the the world. Fabulous drift diving with lots of pelagic life.

(3) Malapascua. Thresher shark haven and one of the only marine reserves in the Philippines.

(4) Tufi (PNG). Coral and pelagic wonderland.

(5) Puerto Galera. Coral, pelagic, drift dives, live-aboards, whale sharks.

Among others.
David Sherry

On Hadrian's Wall
Dear Sir,

The picture on page three [Travel, March 22] is of quite a good farm stone wall - but it's not Hadrian's wall, the remains of that are still much more impressive.

From an old Northumbrian.
Lindsay Stephens,

Stanley Pt
The Travel Editor Responds: Thanks for your note, Lindsay. We got the picture from an agency. In hindsight, it does look a bit "farmish".

More on yellow letters
Dear Sir,

I agree with the letter from Frances Allen [re: Our use of yellow font in print, Travel, March 22], the same comment can be applied to most television channels.

The solution can be found at Google's "Colour contrast/visibility chart".

Doug Bullick

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