Noel Gallagher was set to play with his band the High Flying Birds tonight at Auckland's ASB Theatre. Unfortunately, due to stormy weather, his equipment hasn't made it over the Tasman, and the concert has been cancelled.

Since he's now stuck in Auckland without a gig to play, here are a few suggestions to pass the time.

1. Hop On, Hop Off bus

What better way for Noel to see Auckland in all its rainy-day splendour than through the windows of Auckland's own double-decker Hop On, Hop Off Explorer bus. It'll take him on a thrilling journey through our Top 14 attractions - including Kelly Tarlton's, Parnell Rose Garden and the Sky Tower. Plus, it'll feel like a fine summer's day compared to Manchester.

2. Record shopping

Visiting musicians often stop by Real Groovy Records for a flip through the vinyl. Since he's got several now-unfilled hours to waste, Noel could spend a couple of them there and hopefully head home with a few Flying Nun rarities.


3. English pub crawl

To help get through the disappointment of his cancelled show, Noel will no doubt be keen to drown his sorrows. If he jumps off the Explorer bus in Parnell, he could start at the Paddington, which has Kilkenny on tap and roast meals at lunch. Over on the North Shore, Speakers Corner Ale House in Browns Bay caters to the large English expat community. They offer traditional English ales on tap and great value pub food.

4. Auckland Zoo

Since his band is called the High Flying Birds, Noel could check out some of our own native high flying birds at Auckland Zoo's aviary. Afterwards, he could moodily feed some bread to the ducks and swans at Western Springs.

5. Go to another gig

What better thing to do when your gig has been cancelled then go to another gig instead. If he's keen to check out some local music, he could head to the Wine Cellar on K Rd and see ECHO OHs, SoccerPractise, Jules & Vince and Pixels for a mere $10. Also on K Rd, Lontalius has his album release show at the Las Vegas Club.