What was your greatest holiday?

I travel a lot for work and pleasure but the best holiday in recent years was a trip to Myanmar with my husband and some friends. It was like the old days - a slow, rambling type of trip with a mixture of new experiences, new food, incredibly beautiful countryside, lots of history and culture and wonderfully warm people, with friends and a beach thrown in for good measure.

If we bump into you on holiday, what are you most likely to be doing?
Walking, swimming, eating, bicycling and reading.

How about a dream holiday internationally?
Two trips are planned in my head - a return to India for a few months particularly to Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan - and a road trip through Europe for a few months in Italy, France, Spain and Croatia (warm places), staying in small villages, exploring the countryside, beaches, taking walks, visiting markets and having great food and wine. I love road trips.


Complete this sentence: I can't travel without ...
A passport, credit card, phone, Kindle, clean underwear and a toothbrush.

Best travel tip?
Travel light and only take carry-on luggage.

Most memorable meal?
Great meals are combinations and always involve new taste sensations, fresh fruit and veges, atmospheric locations and good company. And possibly a glass of rose.

What's the next trip you've got planned?
Cuba in April for five days to meet artists and see performances.

Carla van Zon is Artistic Director of the Auckland Arts Festival.