Isla Taylor, aged 7, flies as an unaccompanied minor aboard Air New Zealand's NZ639, from Auckland to Queenstown.

The plane:

An Airbus A320.

Class: Economy (unaccompanied minor).

Price: $143.


Flight time: 1hr 50mins.

My seat: Window seat at the very back.

Fellow passengers: Ella was sitting next to me. It was her first time flying by herself and my first time too. She has curly blonde hair and a smile on her face, she has twinkling blue eyes.

How full: Almost every single seat in the plane was taken.

Entertainment (what you did for fun on the flight): I read a bit of Rooftoppers and Mystery of the Missing Finger, and chatted with Ella. We chatted about where we were going. She was going to her nana and poppa's, they lived in Alexandra. We also talked about our friends and family. We told funny jokes to each other.

The service (how were you looked after?): The air hostess was very nice. She showed me where my seat was and then she sat at the back of the plane with all the other air hostesses. She even asked if I could hand out lollies.

Food and drink: Some water and rice snacks (they are not rice, they are a kind of cracker) and three Cookie Time cookies! OMG!

The toilets: Only one toilet.

Luggage: One suitcase above me.

The airport experience (the things you did at the airport - good and bad?): There was lots of yummy stuff in the shops! I got some sushi for the drive back to Wanaka. Nothing bad.

Would I fly this again? ABSOLUTELY! This plane is number one!