We've seen everything from igloos to treehouses, but this weird Airbnb listing really pushes the boundaries of what constitutes a "private room".

Though accommodation is often expensive in London, a lucky traveller could have landed a £8 (NZ$17) room, with just one small catch - it was in the middle of an outdoor carpark in Peckham.

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Advertised as a "private room in a public space", it included a double bed, bedside table and dresser, as well as being pet and child friendly, disability-accessible and open to smokers.


However, renters would have to contend with having no internet, TV, heating, bathroom facilities, electricity, or walls - just as London heads towards winter.

Some homey decorative touches - a bunch of flowers, a rug and a framed photograph - were also included.

Unfortunately for any prospective tenants, the listing has since been removed.

Airbnb responded to the host, writing "'This listing had to be removed for not meeting our occupancy standards," the Daily Mail reported.

"In future, be sure to pick a place with four walls, running water and a little more privacy."

Whether or not it won the dubious honour of "the worst Airbnb listing ever", is still up for debate.

In January, a New York man built an igloo in his back yard, following a massive snowstorm.

He described it as a "Boutique winter igloo" in Brooklyn, and listed it on Airbnb for US$200 (NZ$300) a night. That listing was also promptly removed by the site.

Earlier this month, a group of friends got the shock of their life when they discovered a dead body in the backyard of an Airbnb house in Paris they had rented for a weekend party.

Suffice to say, the party was cancelled and police were called.

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