This year's Oscar winners and nominees all shared something in common - great locations.

If you're feeling inspired by yesterday's ceremony, we've worked with to create this list of Oscar-winning film locations you can experience yourself.

The Revenant

Best Cinematography and Best Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio

Although the storyline of The Revenant is full of chilling violence, the film was shot in several stunning locations in Canada, Argentina and the United States. Particularly beautiful is Mount Engadine, in the Kananaskis Range, Western Canada. Mount Engadine Lodge provides considerably more comfort than the accommodation in the film and no bear fighting is required during your stay.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Costume Design, Best Production Design and Best Make-up and Hair.

The vast expanse and clear azure skies of Namibia were the backdrop to the post-apocalyptic action-thriller, Mad Max: Fury Road. To get a taste of the big skies, stunning sand dunes and breath taking plains, but thankfully without the high-octane action, stay at the Desert Breeze Lodge on the banks of the Swakop River.

The Hateful Eight

Best Original Score

An instant Tarantino classic, The Hateful Eight was filmed on a ranch near Telluride, Colorado. If the expansive mountain ranges and snowfall of the film's setting has you inspired to find your own sanctuary in the snow, The Hotel Telluride is reminiscent of the film's western style and located in the town just a few miles from the ranch.


Nominated for three awards including Best Picture

For Eilis, a young woman, newly emigrated from Ireland and Tony, New York born but Italian bred, Brooklyn proves to be the perfect place to fall in love. While the city has changed considerably since the film was set in 1952, it is still a vast melting pot of diverse cultures. Transport yourself into the funky modern take on the classic Brooklyn style and stay at The Box House Hotel.

Bridge of Spies

Best Supporting Actor, Mark Rylance

Bridge of Spies travels between the bustle of New York and the troubled city of Berlin during the Cold War. No longer separated in two by the Berlin Wall, the city has since become a bustling metropolis full of hipsters and tourists. Visit the city drenched in history and culture and stay at Grimm's Potsdamer Platz. Inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm, this hotel is just one of the thousands of quirky things to discover in Berlin.