Best holiday ever?

Life before children. Location: Anywhere. Activities: Anything. Also, my honeymoon. A week in Cuba, a week in New York City with a slight detour to Nashville to record a single with Joanne Cash, Johnny's little sister.

Where's your next holiday?
Going to the dairy, unaccompanied. Actually, heading to Toronto next week to do some showcases with my band. Not exactly a holiday but, being a musician means you travel a lot for work, so you need to grab stolen moments when you can and stop for a minute to appreciate and partake in your surroundings.

Best anti-jetlag tip?
Try to sleep as much as possible on the plane. When you arrive in another time zone, just tough it out the first day and jump straight into your routine and the usual times you would be going to bed, eating, etc.


Favourite city to visit and why:
I was born in Toronto, then raised through my teen years on tour with my family all over North America, then married a Kiwi and live and tour all over New Zealand, so that's way too hard to decide.

I also have way too many still left on my bucket list to make that call but, I will say New York City and Nashville have a special place in my heart.

Best get-away-from-it-all place to escape to?
I love Moeraki. Meals at Fleur's Place, waking up to the sea outside your door . . . it just doesn't get any better.

Describe your ideal money-no-object dream holiday:
Travelling the world for years on end, staying in beautiful accommodation, eating so much amazing food you'd think I'd have to pay for two seats on the airline - but I wouldn't, because I'd be so fit from walking/bicycling/wandering. Taking all the time

I'd need in each place I fell in love with, to really get to know it.

Of course, right now I'd just settle for that unaccompanied trip to the dairy until the kids are a bit bigger.

• Tami Neilson performs as part of the Auckland City Limits music festival and will be performing at the Auckland Arts Festival from March 2 - March 5.