British Airways will soon ask passengers to refrain from eating peanuts, if they are seated next to someone with a nut allergy.

The carrier will be the first major international airline to make this request, the Daily Mail reported.

Passengers are already asked to inform staff whether they have a nut allergy and as a policy, the airline does not serve or sell peanuts as in-flight snacks.

In the new in-flight announcement, flight attendents will ask passengers not to consume nut products if they are seated next to someone identified as a nut allergy sufferer.


The policy change will take place on Thursday, reported Allergic Living, a magazine for people with food allergies.

"The British Airways PA announcements are a big win for the food allergy community," said the magazine's editor, Gwen Smith.

A petition by the website asking airlines to enforce policy around allergy sufferers has been signed by over 78,000 people.

Started by the mother of a boy with a peanut allergy, it recommends a "buffer zone" be instituted three rows in front and behind the allergic person, where passengers would be asked not to consume any nut products.