Best holiday ever?

I love getting away to the beach for a week with a group of friends and the kids every summer. It's mayhem but it's great to watch our kids all grow up together. This year there were 15 of us in one house.

Where's your next holiday?
It's more of a long weekend and sort of a sporty getaway with no kids. I'm doing the half marathon in Hawkes Bay so once the tough bit is over then it'll be time to celebrate.

Best anti-jetlag tip?
I do my best to sleep on the flight and get straight into the time zone by staying awake when arriving.


Favourite city to visit and why:
I love the hustle and bustle of big cities like Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris. Perhaps my favourite is Rome as it reminds of my OE, backpacking around Europe with a very heavy backpack!

Best get away from it all place?
New Zealand beaches are incredible. I still find it amazing that we can go to a beach in the Coromandel and be the only people there.

Describe your ideal money-no-object dream holiday:
I have never been to Africa and would love to see the wildlife like lions, zebras, tigers roaming in their own environment.