When it comes to romance, it seems Kiwis have the best of intentions - although we might not always follow through.

A survey from Wotif Travel showed that 97 per cent of us would like to spend a romantic night in a hotel or take a holiday with that special someone this year.

Unfortunately for those special someones, less than 1 per cent of us have actually made a booking for this Valentine's Day.

However, it seems romantic getaways are on our minds, despite not always following up with our best intentions - 99 per cent of Kiwi couples said they wished they could take more holidays together.


Why? It's a great way for even the strongest couples to relax, open up and get to know each other even better.

More than half of the respondents to the survey reported that while on holiday their partner was more relaxed and more romantic.

They were also more willing to "try new things" - with 50 per cent responding that their partners were more adventurous while on a romantic break.

When it comes to romantic hotel atmosphere, Kiwis like to keep it traditional.

The most appreciated "extra touch" was a spa bath in the room. This was followed by Champagne or other special treats on arrival, room decorations such as rose petals, candles or mood lighting, a day spa package, and great seating in the hotel restaurant or bar.

And overall, Kiwis just love the beach - a holiday by the shores was ranked as the most romantic holiday type. The top three "dream destinations" for a romantic holiday were also very beachy - Bora Bora, Tahiti came out on top, followed by Rarotonga and Fiji.

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While Valentine's Day is approaching rapidly, it's not too late to make a booking and follow through with that dream romantic getaway - and you need not wait for your partner to drop hints.

"New Zealand couples are craving more holiday time together, and many people are waiting for their partner to make the first move and book a weekend away," said Kim Stockham, Wotif travel expert.

"Given we're not in peak travel season, it's actually a great time to book a hotel or find a package deal so you can surprise a loved one with a trip away, or a 'staycation' this Valentine's Day weekend".

Overall, Kiwi couples average two getaways every year, with 26 per cent of respondents having spent a night in a hotel or taken a holiday with their partner to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day survey

• 97% of Kiwis would like to spend a romantic night in a hotel or take a holiday this year with their partner to celebrate Valentine's Day

• Less than one per cent of us have made a booking for this Valentine's Day

• 26 per cent of Kiwis say that in the past they have spent a night in a hotel or taken a holiday with their partner to celebrate Valentine's Day

• Kiwi couples average 2 getaways each year

• 99 per cent wish they could take more holidays together

When on holiday, respondents said their partners were:
More relaxed (63 per cent)
More willing to try new things (59 per cent)
More romantic (50 per cent)

Top five ranked most important extra touches that a hotel can provide for a romantic getaway?
1: Spa bath in room
2: Champagne or special drinks / food when you arrive
3: Room decorations - rose petals, candles, mood lighting
4: Hotel day spa
5: Best seating in hotel restaurant or bar

Top three ranked romantic holiday types:
1: Beach getaway
2: Lakeside getaway
3: City escape

Dream destination ranking for romantic holiday:
1: Bora Bora, Tahiti
2. Rarotonga
3: Fiji

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